Don’t be a people pleaser

Don’t be a people pleaser. Not everyone will agree with you and believe in you. Don’t be a people pleaser, for in doing so, you might forget about your own visions and goals, while you are focusing on what others think and say. Not everyone will understand the goals you want to achieve. Not everyone will understand your visions and that is okay. You don’t need everyone to understand and believe. You need to understand and believe and work towards achieving. What God has purposed in your heart, don’t forget. Move forward with purpose, intention and with an end in mind. In doing so, remember don’t be a people pleaser because in doing so you might forget about you.

Keep Going

The moment you feel like giving up is the moment you need to continue. It’s within this moment that you are close to your victory. Remembering the hurdles you had to jump over to be where you are today. Remembering the obstacles you had to overcome. Knowing that you are coming from afar. Hold on and don’t give up. Continue to push through. Continue to try, because it is only when you try that you will know what you can achieve and accomplish. And even though you are not at the place where you want to be, remember that delayed gratification and perseverance will take you far. Hold on and don’t give up, believe you can and work towards achieving. Believe that despite the setbacks you have had, believe that these setbacks were meant as stepping stones for a comeback. Instead of looking at the impossibilities, look at the possibilities. The moment you feel like giving up is the moment you need to continue. Don’t give up. – Naj Johnson, October 11, 2019

Your Journey is Your Story

Your journey is your story. Own it, share it, walk with it with confidence, knowing that there’s someone else waiting to hear your story. Your journey is your testimony. Share it, write it, tell it. Walk in your purpose, step out of your comfort zone and be who you were destined to be. You are not defined by your past. You have control over your destiny. Your journey is your testimony. Share it and own it. Other’s are depending on you.